Minggu, 06 November 2016

Text can be classified into several types. The term of 'type' is sometime stated as 'genre'. These types of text are;

1.       Analytical Exposition
2.       Anecdote
3.       Descriptive
4.       Narrative
5.       Procedure
6.       News Items
7.       Discussion
8.       Explanation
9.       Hortatory Exposition
10.   Report
11.   Spoof
12.   Recount
13.   Review

These classification on type of text are based on analysis of three main elements of text. These elements of text are:
The purpose of the text; why is the text made?, what is text made for by its writer
The generic structure of the text; analyzing the used structure in composing the text, in what way is the text constructed by its writer.
The language feature; taking a look at the linguistic characterizations of the text, what kind of language feature is used to build the text by its writer.

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